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Kerry S. Hayes

Kerry was born in Erin, Tennessee on July 21, 1959 to WilliamKerry S. Hayes(The RC Cola Man) and Ann Hayes. He was raised in Oakwood, Tennessee where he still has many dear friends and family.

Kerry is the technical mind behind Roses by Angelia. He handles everything from building the company computers to making sure the intranet stays up. Without his technical expertise the company would not be in the position it is now.

When he's not keeping the computers running he loves to collect tools. When we bought our home we thought a two car garage was huge but he has learned  that it's just not as big as we first thought. So he has become the tool guy.

Kerry collects tools of all kinds like Snap-On, Proto, Blackhawk, Industro, Giller, Fleet, and the list goes on. Now he is selling out all his duplicates so he can go on more treasure hunts for the tools he loves so much.

His lack of space is your gain because he is letting high quality tools go at a fraction of the price they would cost new. Make sure to keep an eye on our auctions and our website for his excess tools.



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