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Angelia L. Hayes

I was born at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky on June 19, 1961 to Sam & LouiseAngelia L. Hayes Martin.

My love of painting was an early fascination. My Aunt Goldie (Mother's Sister) loved to paint landscapes in oil and I always wanted to watch her paint. I was always grateful to my aunt for tolerating such a hyper child while she was trying to work.

I started painting in the elementary school where I had a wonderful teacher that gave me the tools to experiment with paint and allowed me to work on a large wall mural in the school hallway with a number of other students. That was all it took for me to start my wonderful journey in art, crafts and mainly painting.

My father passed away when I was ten and at that time Mom and I moved to a smaller house. The house had a garage attached which Mom let me use as a canvas to create my first solo mural. The mural included mountains, flowers and baskets all done in watercolors. That was about the extent of my talents at that young age.

Shortly after I painted the garage mural my brother transformed the room into a den for Mom and the mural was covered with paneling. Many years later mom's house burned and when they were repairing the damage the old mural was discovered. It brought back many memories of my childhood fascination.

Being a self-taught artist gives me an advantage over those with training. I can be more creative and don't have to conform to the "way I was taught". I can learn something new every day just by picking up a book, magazine, or talking to other artists. Over the years I have done everything from ceramics, murals, miniature doll house wall paper, ornaments, wood items, and any number of crafts.

I still love to paint and my favorite medium is Acrylic. For over three years I have sold my treasures on eBay and have developed quite a number of clients that love my work. I consider each and every one of them my friends.


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