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Here you will find all the great Christmas Items available on ebay, yardsellr, etsy, and various other venue. You can also request special orders by using the email me button to the right or emailing me directly at!

Christmas TreeChristmas TreeChristmas TreeChristmas Tree

Christmas TreeChristmas TreeChristmas Tree

Shabby HP Pink Christmas Tree German Glass Glitter Lights Chic RBA

I have always painted ceramic Christmas Trees and just love making them match the Shabby Chic decor. This one is no different. It is a Plaster of Paris tree which I painted a pale pink. Then I covered it in pearl finish to give it a luster. On the lower row of limbs I added 4 luscious roses. I finished it off with German Glass Glitter to make it sparkle like it has snow on the limbs. The lights and star are clear and the led light changes colors and flashes different colors and themes. It's a beautiful tree for your Chic Cottage or Romantic Home.

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